Equine Paddock Consult program

Equine Paddock Consult program

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The Equine Paddock consult program (small) paddock. 

Small horse paddocks only 

Ideal for 1-5 ha paddock size - around 2 hours on site, 

  • onsite consult
  • paddock walk 
  • pasture health 
  • soil health 
  • Plant nutrition  Looking at nutritional issues /deficiency 
  • weed issues and weed pressure 
  • bare soil, dirt & mud high traffic issues 
  • pasture issues - metabolic & laminitis horses
  • Fertilizer options & selections - types & forms treatment programs (natural, organic, biological or synthetic combination)
  • Basic report with current season recommended for paddock health, improvements. 
  • Improving grazing Management - For horse health, grass availability, pasture recovery 
  • Manure  management 
  • Inc 30min online support program after consult for further questions 

This package is for

Smaller horse paddocks with a few horses, 

Horse paddocks wanting to transition into regenerative farming methods with support 

Improve  environment & biodiversity of the paddocks 

Improve  pasture health 

Smaller horse riding school Or agistment center's wanting to improve paddock health. 

For larger properties or multiple horse paddocks please contact us for consulting programs.  

  Please contact us for further pricing & information. 

Prices start from $799.00

*Travel & associated cost are charged separate.

Soil tests, pasture tests , water and further Analytical Services charged separately. And paid direct to laboratory service. 

Base price is automatically added. 

(once purchased, we will contact you in regards to booking appointment time, and outline any other costs such as soil tests, pasture analysis, transport costs.)