NEW  Cool Season  pasture seed  & Equine pasture mixes
NEW  Cool Season  pasture seed  & Equine pasture mixes

NEW Cool Season pasture seed & Equine pasture mixes

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June July - update seeds 

while most of our winter seed programs and product range sold out in April and May 

there are still some smaller amounts of seed and cover crops blends available. 




Pasture Seed  Cool Season 

 We have had many enquires this week about seed ! here  is  a little update 

Winter Seed 

Our first pre order seed release has finished next seed drop will open this 6/5 Friday am 


Soon we will do a release for pre sales  like our normal seed release rounds 

✅Pasture Renovator 

✅Equine blends 

✅Hobby farmers blends 

✅Cover crops 


Autumn is here 🐎🐎🌱🌿 and I know a lot of you  are keen to get started 💞🌿 

Especially after the floods! 
it’s also a key time to let soil just be, many areas have been swamped with slow receding  flood waters, salty water, and raw effluent water and any other weird odd combination of weirdness went through paddocks. This needs quite a while to be safe before allowing horses and livestock to graze on the pasture. It’s also a good time for paddock / pasture recovery and to allow new pasture to grow and have feed available towards end of winter. 



Seed will be available via the website for purchase  shortly 

If you are after a particular range of seed or a custom blend now is  perfect time to reach out and let us know, while there is still time to look for quality seed & options.

We will also send out an email closer to seed  arrival and sales date.  So add your self to our email list if you are not already on it . And yes like last time you can pre order supplies :)

Plant Diversity in  grazing paddocks 💞healthier horses, soil health & function   


*date subject to change depending on freight companies this beyond our control.

seed not available for sale WA & TAS due to quarantine 
Thank you 😊