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Silver Package

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Perfect time get things organised and start working on your farm plans. 


Our most popular package great for getting farm started for  programs  

The Silver Package Half -day consults are generally used for the smaller producer of who only wants a smaller agricultural consulting package. Total of 6 hours  into use for consulting.

This generally includes an onsite visit of around 2.5 hours. 

Basic Reports and or recommendations after the consult. Inc report for one Soil test, additionally reporting information from soil test  or further analysis are charged at started rate. (travel time is not part of this) invoiced separated.

A starting base- Pre-purchase for smaller hobby farms Soil testing/assessments or onsite assessment for livestock nutrition (nutrition program/ mineral design costs not included priced separately)

Ideal for, smaller farms, Equine paddocks, horse agistment, smaller studs & spelling complexes,

The Silver package is Commonly used for, less complex issues that might be occurring.

  • Paddock walks
  • Reoccurring paddock issues.
  • Product and or seed information,
  • Pasture improvement designs & custom seed designs (natural, natives & crops& cover crops)
  • Available options in the toolbox/ resources to help address issues /soil/plant/ weed/nutrition problems.
  • Less Complex Paddock treatments options
  • Taking Soil samples building picture of / paddock pasture health. /paddock health
  • Assessment for Changing to more natural, sustainable products and farm practice, reducing chemical applications for weed and woody plants, livestock management.
  • Farm management plans/ programs
  • Fertiliser options & selections - types & forms treatment programs (natural, organic, biological or synthetic combination) Weed issues grass /grazing management)

   One of our most common packages .

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Please contact us for further pricing.

Travel & associated cost are charged separate.

Soil, pasture, water and further Analytical Services charged separately.

**base price is automatically added. 

(once purchased, we will contact you in regards to booking appointment time, and outline any other costs such as soil tests, pasture analysis, transport costs.)