About Us

A little about us

We are independent consultancy services offering a range of services, we specialise in livestock nutrition advice for over 10 years in Australia and overseas.

Our passion lays in Modern Sustainable Agriculture, with a dedicated science background along with passion for research, over many agriculture areas in Australia corporate large and small holdings, mineral nutrition for livestock (Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Pig, and Equine) mineral formulation and Problem solving.

For optimum nutrition to not come out of a bag  all year round, Healthy  functioning soils, healthy pasture ,functioning water cycles and grazing management(where applicable) capturing the free natural resources to maximise these systems for optimum function (sun & rain) are a must for long term sustainable future in our Australian climate.  

The current drought situation many of us are facing at present is a clear indicator of WHY healthy landscape and management of them are critical for modern sustainable and regenerative agriculture in Australia.

One of our passions is helping Agribusiness and Farmers merge  from traditional and conventional methods through to educating them on more natural and sustainable farming practices, methods and suitable products for their enterprise, their budget, farms soil health and where their Livestock operation is at.

Increasing the knowledge and choosing the appropriate tools from the “Tool boxes “at the right time and the enhancing natural resources, while improving natural cycles in their farm and business, for their holistic context. As we are an independent consulting business, The Sustainable Paddock offers professional and tailored packages along with products that are suited for your farm’s needs.

We think that quality nutrition and advise should be for all, this is why for many years have offered our services to large stations, commercial holdings right through to “daisy” the milking cow, and the typical “small farm paddock” that we all often have.

If you're a larger operator or frequent producer of product for farm gate, paddock to plate, farmers markets, we encourage you to make contact with us, so we are able to provide you with best rates and the appropriate products you may be looking for.

Our online shop is only a taste of what products we have available and caters to the natural and niche markets. Thankfully this is becoming more mainstream though wonderful farmers like yourself, choosing great nutrition and farming practices along with consumers pushing to know where and how their Product is produced in Australia.

If you’re questioning the WHY and looking For CHANGE, looking to reduce or remove Chemicals and Synthetic products from your farming system, add more natural, Organic, biological or, chelated products for fertiliser options or livestock supplements and enhance natural systems, to improve soil health, function, improving carbon levels, water holding capacity, increasing photosynthesis with active living green plants year round, Increase plant diversity and perennial grasslands ,find more of the soil food web organisms doing hard work on your farm (Earthworms, Dung beetles, Microbes,) improved pasture quality, reduce input costs and overall improve farm productivity, profits and carrying capacities,

Our main area we work are NSW Coastal and Inland South western and Eastern Queensland, however we are often on the road all over the country side visiting new and catching up with old clients right through to Victoria and South Australia.

2020 will see us add more frequent visits to southern end of the Australia see our booking and rotations list to add your name to our appointment list. Of course this is all dependent on Covid 19 issues and allowing border passes. For those that are situated in an area, that we are not able to service due to border closures, we offer our online packages, tailored best to your farm and situation.

We like to keep you up to date with our consulting rotation feature supplements and sales on Facebook, Instagram  and email so make sure you subscribe and get on the mailing list for up to date information.