Cow Pregnancy Scanning

Why Pregnancy Testing is a Good Option for your Cows and Farm Profits,

  • We Use REPROScan  as our choice of scanners  For Ultrasound Preg Testing
  • Identify Early Non Pregnant cows Re join or Cull
  • Detect Any Herd Fertility Problems early.
  • Identify Reproductive or Nutritional Issues Early 
  • PTIC Can open marker opportunities that would not be there if you didn't Preg Scan
  • Reduce Calving interval and Improve Management Plans for Calving
  • PTIC - Allows for greater management of feed budgets and grazing grass budgets
  • PTIC helps plans stocking rates and destocking programs
  • Ability to help Detect herd Fertility Issues early , Reproductive issues  

 Preg testing rates - Enquire Per hour for small herds / Per head For larger Herds