Livestock Nutrition Consults

Need Help with your current livestock Mineral program? Not sure if your livestock are getting what you think they should be?

  • Product Selection and advise, Supplement Programs Custom, drought Feeding, Protein selections, Mineral Programs for Livestock enterprises small to large.  Pasture Selection & Assessments, Feed Tests, Pasture Quality v Quantity.
  • Ration Formulations, Feed budgets, general mineral Formulation (for species, soil and pasture types), Feed Training- Feed Strategies -  Feeding out and mixing products.
  • Specialise in mineral programs for livestock exposed to monoculture pastures (kikuyu, buffel , Seteria grass) or undesirable weed issues, (toxic weeds such as fire weed, lantana, Capeweed, weir vine, pimelea weeds).
  • Growing healthy Biodiverse pastures for optimum nutrition perfect for paddock to plate production looking for premium products and help to achieve Nutrient density but not sure if your current nutrition program is achieving all it could be.
  • Commodities and Bulk Feed Sourcing for your enterprise ,Alternative Protein and Energy Sources for Finishing, Weaning, or Creep Feeding Livestock.
  • Hay and Silage Test analysis for Optimum performance and Feed Utilisation 

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