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Equine Custom Blends Minerals

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Custom Blends Mineral mixes for Large agistment and training centers & Horse Studs. along with Individual horses.

These blends are also great for horses needing specific minerals for pasture and soil issues. Oxalates, high iron, acidic soils, Horses exposed to Weeds causing issues, metabolic or toxic issues from pastures,

Horses with illness, Peak performance blends, Older horses looking for high bioavailable minerals and absorption. Joint Health mineral programs, on going hoof and coat issues are some of the reasons owner choose to get high quality custom blends formulated.

 For owners who have pasture and soil analysis done for  their farms we are able to Formulate   mineral supplements  programs  where there may be excess or deficiency of certain minerals generally the case with Australian pastures and soils, add to this compounding issues from resent years of drought and soil compaction, 

Please contact us for individualized pricing and packages.