Equine Digestive BLOOM
Equine Digestive BLOOM
Equine Digestive BLOOM
Equine Digestive BLOOM

Equine Digestive BLOOM

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Equine Digestive BLOOM 

If you need some digestive bloom and non online please msg. 
One of our new equine favorites 💞 digestive health

Great blend  2 highly  concentrated probiotics products 


Soothing herbal digestive soothers

 Natural Marine and Calcium buffers to help with digestive upsets or acidic issues 

1kg bag 

Dose rate 10-20grams 

*up to 40g day split over feeds if needed for horses with issues- please feel free to contact us if you need further information or help. 

This product is commonly by horses that 

*Frequent Skin issues or itchy skin 

*travel frequently 

* Competition horses 

* Digestive issues or past ulcers history 

*Have been unwell or loose manure 

* been on medication or use of antibiotics 

* are stress heads or get separation anxiety - causing gut health issues 

*have been turned out in paddock bought back in to work

* Stallions and mare before joining as part of healthy diet and fertility Mineral program. 

 Shine starts from Healthy horses on inside and good diet 🐴

* no additives * no  Sugars or Fills added 

 Larger sizes - yes we do supply it in bigger bags *

larger sizes or a custom blend of BLOOM for your own stables/ stud/ riding school please contact us.