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Free Choice Minerals -Natural Farm Pack

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Free choice Farm Pack 

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For those who enjoy allowing their animals to select what minerals they like in a free choice bag. We have boosted this pack with either the best available natural organic and chelated forms of minerals. We Know you want the best for your 4-legged Friends.

This pack is for livestock owners that like to provide their animals with a mix similar to, what Pat Coleby has suggested. We went ahead an added some other Key minerals to the pack for Australian conditions and soils th3eeeat are missing, allowing your animals to receive only the best.

Essential Key minerals needed for enzyme and metabolic functions of livestock. Kilograms sizes of the following 

1 Kg Ag lime-calcium,

1 kg Organic Seaweed,

1 Kg Di calcium Phosphorus

1 kg Magnesium Oxide

1 kg Himalayan Salt

1 KgSulphur

1 kgBentonite Clay 

300g Copper Chelate

200G Zinc Oxide

150g organic Selenium

200g  Natural Vitamin E  and Probiotic mix 150g.

Fantastic starter kit to great free choice mineral supplements 


If you intend to use this feeding for pigs, please contact us before purchase.