Pasture Blend Boost - winter
Pasture Blend Boost - winter

Pasture Blend Boost - winter

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Pasture Blend Boost Contains 

Prairie Grass *

Winter Active Lucene 


This seed mix could be used for  

  • Good Seed blend to Broadcast into pasture for boost of protein over winter
  • Grazing livestock higher Nutrition
  • Over sow a grass paddock 
  •  Add rich diversity to paddock for over all paddock health 
  • Equine and livestock can graze this pasture blend type as part of their forage needs 
  • good for rotational  grazing and then allowing adequate plant recovery to help encourage palatability and plant health 
  • NO RYE  grass  in  this Seed mix 

Suggested sowing rates  in to  paddock mixed grasses 2- 5kg/ha 

Recommend  using biostimulants and natural friendly fertilizers. 

 * Can be added with other grass seed mixes that are available on website.


 *coated seed -Prairie grass

Bare Lucerne seed 


1kg, 2kg, 5kg  via website ordering larger sizes please contact us. 
 If you need help please contact us 

 NOT available to post WA & TAS